Pay By Deed

Since I started writing Breach Point back in 2013, and especially after posting the story on Wattpad and being exposed to thousands of readers worldwide, I've become aware of the fact that many readers and potential readers, though they own or have access to eReader devices, still aren't able to afford eBooks. Even eBooks priced at 99¢ – the lowest price possible – would create a financial hardship for many.

Though some of those readers use platforms like Wattpad to read for free, there are still advantages to reading a book on an eReader. For example, many non-U.S.-based Wattpad users read on computers at internet cafés, so they can't continue with their stories at home after the café has closed.

I've spent the past year thinking about this situation and early on realized that I wasn't willing to say, "If you can't pay for the book, you can't have it." I wanted to offer Breach Point and eventually, its sequels (which won't be available on Wattpad), in exchange for some form of non-financial compensation.

A New Model

I've created a system that I'm calling Pay By Deed. Simply put, I ask that anyone who would like to receive the eBook files for Breach Point perform some kind of act that improves the situation of another a living thing, a place, or the environment itself. I won't try to verify that the act was performed or attempt to measure its size; I'll just ask that you send me a short message describing your act and you'll be sent the book files in return.

Please read the rules for Pay By Deed below. Whether or not you plan to participate, your feedback is welcome. I'd like to point out that I don't mean to exalt my (at this point) lone book by creating this system. But I do want to respect those who buy the book by creating an equitable alternate method of payment for those who can't pay in the same way. And I do hope that other authors and publishers consider adopting something like this system in the future.

  1. The details of this arrangement are at my discretion as the author and publisher, and can change at any time – if they do, an update will be posted here.
  2. This system is for eBooks only and not print (though I'm thinking of ways to develop a paperback sponsorship program for Breach Point as well).
  3. At first I'll be handling this system myself, so it may take some time to process requests and distribute files – if the demand grows (and I hope it does), then I'll create a more automated system.
  4. The description you send me may be posted publicly – you're giving your permission for this by sending the request. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please say so in your message.
  5. You can't redistribute the eBook files – no e-mailing, no posting publicly, or anything similar. They're for your personal use only, so if someone else wants the eBook, you can send them here to follow these instructions.
  6. That being said, if you somehow acquired the eBook files and want to honor this system, please perform your deed and let me know (you can tell me that you don't need to be sent the files).
  7. This is important - your deed needs to be done specifically for the purchase of a Breach Point eBook. Please don't write about something good you did in the past (though I'm still happy that you did it) in exchange for the book. I'm trying to create something tangible and positive with this exchange, and not just reward past behavior – helpful though it may have been.

Send your message to with the subject line "Pay By Deed" or use the form on the Contact page.

Your feedback is welcome, and please share this with anyone who you think may benefit. I really believe good things will come from this, and I look forward to seeing just what those things may be.

– Steve Spatucci

“To change something, you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller